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Table Bookings

 Full Name Booking Date Booking Time Number of Guests Email Mobile Comments
Sarah Gray02/07/20228:00 pm2[email protected]07973310479
Lizzie Parker02/07/20225:30 pm2[email protected]07707261126
Lauren Rees01/07/20226:15 pm2[email protected]07821300724

1 guest in a wheelchair
1 guest coeliac

Darren Diss14/07/20227:00 pm17[email protected]07802560322

Hello - I am organising a night out / meal for my team and you come highly recommended. Can you confirm you could accommodate 17 people on the 14th July?

Mary Matthews01/07/20226:00 pm2[email protected]07714326135
Mike Bull07/07/20228:15 pm11[email protected]07814564843

This is a company meal following a work event, i really hope we can fit in, i know theres a lot of us!

Rory Brodie30/06/20227:30 pm4[email protected]07527128809
Rory Brodie29/06/20227:30 pm3[email protected]07527128809
Paul Sebesteny01/07/20225:30 pm2[email protected]07821103059

My girlfriends Birthday

Glenn Weston29/06/20227:30 pm6[email protected]07928577498
Alice Jackson29/06/20226:30 pm3[email protected]07950 238209

For Wednesday banquet please

John Bowerman01/07/20227:15 pm3[email protected]07785716687
Robert Barbour28/07/20226:30 pm10[email protected]07748701601

Travis Perkins Data Team Dinner

Mick Willis01/07/20227:30 pm8[email protected]07595224092

Hi. It’s Mick from St Giles Ale House. Table for 8 for Friday 1st July at 19:30 please.

Odette Wright29/06/20227:00 pm2[email protected]07752884896
Lars Einar Hansen01/07/20229:15 pm2[email protected]+4521307161
Roxanne Mabbutt25/06/20227:15 pm3[email protected]07863543300
jeroen dekker27/06/20227:00 pm3[email protected]+31631950671
Melanie Balmer25/06/20227:15 pm2[email protected]07469930292

Quiet table if at all possible… thank you…

Cary Cheney01/07/20226:00 pm2[email protected]07917167447
Emily Valentine24/06/20229:00 pm5[email protected]07708946513
Joyce Sweeney02/07/20228:00 pm4[email protected]+447928786636
Jack Spencer-Grey20/07/20227:00 pm2[email protected]07850476592
Alison Miles25/06/20228:30 pm3[email protected]07916332559
LEONARDO BRUEKERS SOARES22/06/20225:30 pm1[email protected]07477875170
 Full Name Booking Date Booking Time Number of Guests Email Mobile Comments


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